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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Bathroom Renovations - Is the Cheapest Bathroom Renovator the Best Option?

Is the Cheapest Bathroom Renovator the Best Option??
Choosing a Bathroom Renovator is cheap always the best? At Westshore Bathroom Renovations Perth we pride ourselves on our professional renovator team and the completed bathroom renovation provided to you to be to your full satisfaction.

When choosing a bathroom renovator keep in mind that are they going to cut corners to cut the renovation cost and at the time whilst you think you may be receiving a great deal - think again. In our experience we have seen some bathroom renovations , that quite simply have been a complete "Botch JOB".

Some examples are:

  • Tiling over existing tiles

  • Cheap tile imports from China

  • Cheap labour

  • Old plumbing re-used

  • Not using licensed trades - e.g. Tilers doing the plumbing works themselves

  • Water not draining away from the bath and or shower recess

  • Cheap pre- manufactured shower screens

  • Cheap pre-manufactured vanities/cabinets

  • Cheap imported tap ware.

  • Leaking Shower Screens

Remember if you want your bathroom to last you do get what you pay for. The initial bathroom renovation on the surface may look fabulous but the wear signs will show quickly.

Westshore Bathroom Renovations Perth use quality licensed trades. We personally select our people ourselves and we are fussy with having the right people, who are not only fully qualified but also have pride in their own work and service. We want you to have the Bathroom you deserve that is hassle free without paying excessive commissions to a salesperson. The owner, Craig quotes the bathroom renovations, project manages the bathroom renovation and completes the bathroom renovation. We are there for you from the very first phone call to Westshore Bathroom Renovations, to the full completion of your bathroom renovation .

We believe that people deserve the best customer service.

For a complete bathroom renovation contact www.westshorebathrooms.com

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