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FAQs  - Bathroom Renovations Perth


At Westshore Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations we understand that renovation projects to your home can be daunting.   We are here to make the renovation relaxing and as stress free as possible.   We provide for you some Frequently Asked Questions.


Of course if you have any questions regarding the renovation at your home - contact the team at Westshore Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations and we will be  will be happy to assist.

Where to I start with my Bathroom Renovation?

Before you begin your bathroom renovation project there are a few details to take into consideration

  • Who will be using your bathroom  (the family, just you, couple)

  • Think about the existing space (what works and what doesn't?)

  • Think about the function of your room

  • What is your style (its a good idea to research the internet and magazines)

  • Your Storage Space ( bathroom cabinet (custom made cabinet), shelving, overhead cabinets)

  • Finishes -  What type of Tiles, Basins, Tapware, showerscreen, colour scheme ,type of toilet do we like??

How much will my Bathroom Renovation cost?

Every project is unique and different and there are many variables that effect what the total cost of your renovation will be;

  • size of the room

  • materials used

  • selection of surfaces

  • height of tiles on walls

  • selection of tapware

  • electrical work

  • plumbing work required

  • type of shower screen selected

  • cabinet style and benchtop

Can I change the layout of my bathroom to change the position of my taps, bath, toilet and shower?

Generally yes.      If you would like to change the layout of the bathroom to make better use of the space - this can be done - speak to Craig when you are in the planning stage of your bathroom renovation.

How long will my bathroom renovation take??

The average full brick bathroom renovation can take between 2-4 weeks.   The timeframe can depend on the size of the project and availability and selection of products.  e.g. Showerscreens that are frameless and require toughened glass can take up to 2 weeks from order to installation

Are I/we able to live in our home during the bathroom renovation?

The answer is YES... but there is a but.  Your bathroom during the renovation will be unusuable so you will need to be prepared.   All walkways to the work area are covered during the renovation and from time to time you will be without water and power for a very short time, usually about an hour.

What if I am at work and unable to be home during the renovation?

If you are unable to be home during the renovation - you don't need to use valuable annual leave - we will arrange to obtain a key from you and set up a secure lock box onsite to enable our tradespeople to access the property.

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