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Kitchen Renovations Perth - How Much to Renovate a Kitchen

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen? With some clever planning you can remodel your kitchen on a small budget.

What is a good Ballpark Figure?

You don't want to pay too much for a kitchen renovation, but you on the other hand want to pay enough to ensure you invest in a quality kitchen that will not only add value to your home but results in your dream kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most central and most used room of any home. You want your kitchen to have function to have style. Your kitchen renovation cost are dependent on a number of factors - including design, size of the kitchen, materials used and appliances to name a few. Its good to have a ballpark figure and a range from $15,000 for a basic upgrade through to Mid-range budget of from $25,000.

Read on for more ideas of what to consider in your renovation budget expectations:


How much extra money is needed depends on size, location and layout of your kitchen. If you are able to stay with the existing floor plan of your kitchen you will be able to minimise our renovation costs. Relocating your sink or stove/cook-top add additional cost to your kitchen renovation If you need to re-position plumbing points by relocating the sink or electrical sockets in regards to ovens relocation this adds to the cost of your kitchen makeover budget.


Depending on your budget and age and state of your kitchen the most cost effective alternative is to replace all the kitchen cabinetry with standard cabinets. It the kitchen cabinets are structurally sound consider replacing the cabinet doors only and replace the benchtop. Adding new handles and or doorknobs can completely change the look and add style to your kitchen along with the kitchen sink tap-ware.

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If you opt to stay with your existing appliances you will save money on your kitchen renovations. If items are relatively new and are still working you may not need to replace those items. Or you may choose to replace those items which enhance your kitchen style. When choosing your appliances look for those appliances that have more star ratings, which offer more efficiency which will mean less future running cost.


Laminate benchtops is the most economical, practical and durable benchtop material for choice and has a large variety of colours. Stone benchtops whilst will cost a little more it will provide you with a harder wearing and longer lasting surface along with a more luxurious feel. there is a large colour range to choose from and will enhance any kitchen. Splash backs an add a splash of colour and personality to your kitchen renovations. Ceramic tiles work well and will suit any budget . With tiles their are options for difference patterns, textures and colours, neutral or plain along with the choice of tile size which can further enhance the look and feel of your new kitchen. Tile size and range from mosaics, subway to large rectangular. Another popular alternative to tiles is a glass splashback with many colour choices.

LIGHTING - what can i have?

Lighting in the kitchen includes natural and artificial lighting. To keep to a renovation budget you may aim to stick to existing windows and doors so you won't be able to change the natural light that enter your kitchen unless you remove walls. However it is easy to upgrade your light fixtures. LED lights including downlights are a great affordable option or add pendant lighting for a different mood. Having a realistic expectation of how much your dream kitchen will cost will make for a more enjoyable and successful project. At Westshore Kitchen Renovations we always do our best to help you create the dream kitchen that suits not only your budge but is also right for you.

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